Terminal Capitalism Two: It’s a Male Thing By William Bowles

13 November 2003

“The 2004 Defense Authorization Act…repeals a statutory ban on research and development of low-yield nuclear weapons, authorizes continued research on the “robust nuclear earth penetrator,” and requires the Department of Energy to achieve and maintain the ability to conduct an underground nuclear explosive test within 18 months.” – Secrecy News, http://www.fas.org/spp/starwars/crs/RL32130.pdf

So here we go again, round two of the preparation for Armageddon and no doubt, the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, Iranians, Indians et al, read Secrecy News as well they should. And should anyone have any doubts that the leaders of the ‘free world’ are indeed completely balmy, check out the language of the technocrats that sell their humanity in exchange for what? The quest for knowledge? Money? A stimulating working environment? How do people, who no doubt have families and mums and dads of their own justify their whoring for capitalism by developing a “robust nuclear earth penetrator?”

There have been times when I’ve considered myself a ‘feminist’, although because the word has so many different meanings to different people, I’ve never been comfortable with the term. No doubt some of the people who work on the “robust nuclear earth penetrator” are women but I doubt that there are too many of them. And how do those that are, justify their involvement in the development of a “robust nuclear earth penetrator”? Perhaps if one happens across this essay they can let me know what motivates the bringer of life to participate so directly in expunging it?

After all, whoever these people are, they are not doing it because they are broke and uneducated unlike many of the soldiers of the emperium, currently under fire in Iraq. Rationalising the irrational is one of the symptoms of mental illness and no doubt one of the irrational arguments advanced is that if they didn’t do it, there will be others who will.

Yet I cannot get over the fact that it is men who make and execute policy, it is men who come up with the terms that describes nuclear Armageddon as a “robust nuclear earth penetrator”. It is men who direct the policies of the US emperium (Condoleeza Rice notwithstanding, though how a black woman can live with being a part of it is just beyond me but it is indicative of just how powerful the illusion is). Is it something genetic? My rational mind rejects the notion that capitalism is a male thing, yet one cannot get around the fact that men run the show.

And again, I resist falling into the simplistic trap that capitalism is driven by some kind of biological determinism, that it’s testosterone-determined. Were that women ‘in charge’ would it be any different? Who knows, and in any case it’s a done deal and the overthrow of capitalism will not be done by challenging patriarchy – or will it? The longer I live and the more I see of male behaviour, the more pessimistic I become, for there is clearly a direct link between the more extreme expressions of capitalism and the male of the species. Yet one must resist the urge to describe capitalism as merely men metaphorically sticking their dicks in the ground whilst at the same time recognising that whether I like it or not, we are still animals, the result of millions of years of evolution, most of which was spent in simply surviving.

Meanwhile, Bush the smaller and his satrap on this side of the pond; no doubt have their scriptwriters working overtime producing a public justification for the “robust nuclear earth penetrator”. In fact it already exists, it’s called the “Nuclear Posture Review” that was written in 2001 and that is now the law. In the section entitled “Defeating Hard and Deeply Buried Targets”, we read,

“With a more effective earth penetrator, many buried targets could be attacked using a weapon with a much lower yield than would be required with a surface burst weapon. This lower yield would achieve the same damage while producing less fallout (by a factor of ten to twenty) than would the much larger yield surface burst. For defeat of very deep or larger underground facilities, penetrating weapons with large yields would be needed to collapse the facility.”

The document identifies 70 countries that have HDBT or Hard and Deeply Buried Targets, so one must assume that any or all of these 70 countries are potential targets of the “robust nuclear earth penetrator”.

In the introduction to the report written by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, the deranged nature of the people who run America is plain for all to see:

“As a result of this review, the U.S. will no longer plan, size or sustain its forces as though Russia presented merely a smaller version of the threat posed by the former Soviet Union. Following the direction laid down for U.S. defense planning in the Quadrennial Defense Review, the Nuclear Posture Review shifts planning for America’s strategic forces from the threat-based approach of the Cold War to a capabilities-based approach…. A broader array of capability is needed to dissuade states from undertaking political, military, or technical courses of action that would threaten U.S. and allied security. U.S. forces must pose a credible deterrent to potential adversaries who have access to modern military technology, including NBC weapons and the means to deliver them over long distances.”

What I find most chilling is the language employed language that reveals the utterly psychopathic nature of people like Rumsfeld. Note for example, that a fundamental and qualitative shift in thinking is embedded in the ‘technolese’. US military “posture” is no longer based upon deterrence (or the Soviet “threat”) but on US “capabilities” to wage nuclear war.

The opening paragraph of the report proper says it all:

“Nuclear weapons play a critical role in the defense capabilities of the United States, its allies and friends. They provide credible military options to deter a wide range of threats, including WMD and large-scale conventional military force. These nuclear capabilities possess unique properties that give the United States options to hold at risk classes of targets [that are] important to achieve strategic and political objectives.”

After one has stripped out the jargon it’s the “strategic and political objectives” that is the key phrase that describes the imperialist agenda that has nothing to do with ‘rogue states’ or the ‘war on terror’. It describes the political and hence economic objectives of US imperialism to achieve global hegemony.

And will they dare use the new generation of WMDs? I am totally convinced that they will and they’ll do it on the basis of justifying the survival of their ‘civilisation’ and that this new generation of WMDs is ‘low yield’. We are after all, dealing with psychopaths engaged in a collective delusion where first and foremost, the mad men believe in their own delusion.

And what of the political leaders here in England and elsewhere? How do they justify their craven submission to the mad men? In part it’s sheer political survival on the part of the MPs in Parliament, who put their party political objectives before anything else. And of course, they’re all men aren’t they.

And what of the political pundits of the newspapers and the electronic media? They too are part of the delusional collective psycho-pathology that is terminal capitalism, living in a world of comfortable make believe, their pensions assured, their male vanities stroked as they go through the motions of penetrating the politics of their male cohorts. The inter-dependence is total.

As long as we accept the idea that the world is run by rational people and that we accept – even if we don’t agree with their views – that the intermediaries, who are an intrinsic part of the process of communication, are also rational, we have no future.

It is no longer a question of voicing our objection to the policies but also to the entire edifice of delusion. A delusion that is maintained by a chain of processes, each one of which is dependent on the total collusion of all the other components for it to maintain the fiction of rationality. In other words, without our acceptance of our given reality, the system would collapse. By rejecting the system of belief, it would no longer have any substance. “All that’s solid melts into air”.

An impossible objective? In February of this year, across Europe an estimated 8 million people marched against a war that hadn’t even started. An historically unprecedented event that perhaps presages a sea-change. It was only by ignoring the objections of the vast majorities of the so-called democracies that we went to war, an indication of just how vulnerable the managers of capitalism really are and of course, it makes the state an even more dangerous enemy of the people, as it ups the anté. Without doubt it will lead to even greater repression as people reject wholesale in ever greater numbers, the delusion.

When Bush the smaller pays his satrapy a visit next Thursday, one hopes there will be a great outpouring of opposition and interestingly, in the light of what I’ve written here, initially the emperor was calling for sealing off the entire inner city of London, so that he could march triumphant without visible opposition.

And although the government intends to employ ‘anti-terrorism laws’ to curb the more exuberant protests, the ‘Mayor’ of London, in a last gasp of his former progressive position (having been promised re-entry into the Labour Party for being a good boy) has signalled that there is no way London will be turned into one giant, no-go area. But it’s indicative of just how scared the ruling elite is of its population, that they could risk such large-scale economic disruption in order to pander to the demands of the imperium. Perhaps all is not lost to the terminal testosterone empire after all?

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