2004: The year of the police state – the year of hypocrisy By William Bowles

4 January 2004

Our real task… is to devise a pattern of relationships which will permit us to maintain this position of disparity [U.S. military- economic supremacy]… To do so, we will have to dispense with all sentimentality and day-dreaming… We should cease to talk about vague and…unreal objectives such as human rights, the raising of the living standards, and democratization… we are going to have to deal in straight power concepts. The less we are then hampered by idealistic slogans, the better.” – George Kennan, Director of Policy Planning. U.S. State Department. 1948

“These men — in the most uncertain of times, amidst often noisy acrimony — made decisions that bore fruit only decades later. By the late 1980s and early 1990s, my colleagues and I were lucky enough to reap the harvest that they had sown.” – Condoleeza Rice on George Kennan

“For the United States of America, isolationism is impossible. Containment of the Soviet Union is not enough. Detente is dead. Survival demands a new foreign policy. America must seize the initiative or perish…. Latin America and Southern Asia are the scenes of strife of the third phase of World War 111…. The crisis is metaphysical…. America is everywhere in retreat…. Even the Caribbean… is becoming a Marxist Leninist Lake. Never before has the Republic been in such jeopardy from its exposed southern flank…. It is time to seize the initiative…. Either a Pax Sovietica or a worldwide counter-projection of American power is in the offing. The hour of decision can no longer be postponed”
Council for Inter-American Security, “A New Inter-American Policy for the Eighties” (Washington, D.C., May 1980), coauthored by Lewis Tambs, Roger W. Fontaine, David C. Jordan, Gordon Sumner, and L. Francis Bouchey of “The Committee of Santa Fe,” pp. 1-2.

(For background on the runup to the current ‘war on terror’ see “Morning in America and the Special Warfare Revival”.[1] This is an excellent Website on the history of US terrorist activities and policies over the past decades and for anyone interested in exploring the total hypocrisy of the Bush government’s lie that it’s interested in democracy and human rights as part of its ‘war on terror’.)

The propaganda onslaught increases and it would seem to be in direct proportion to the failure of the imperium’s plans. As I reported in the last ‘InI’ the disinformation surrounding the real reasons for the ‘terrorist’ scare continues unabated. A report in today’s (4/1/04) Sunday Telegraph now tells us that two ‘shoe bombers’ and one ‘al-Qu’eda terrorist’ were ‘deterred’ from boarding flights to the US. If they know who these people are, how come there are no arrests? It would seem logical to detain them at the airport when they arrive for their flights, or am I missing something?

And bear in mind the history of the intelligence services’ involvement in planting stories in the media that create scares of one kind of another (see “Britain’s security services and journalists: the secret story”)[2].

What’s interesting about all the so-called intelligence that these reports are based on is that the US authorities base their identifications on only the last names of people on flights and, moreover, on what they call homonyms or whether the surname ‘sounds like’ a name on their list of ‘suspects.’ No first names, no addresses are used, so what we have is a blanket ‘sweep’ based upon information that is laughably crude and which in turn, exposes the totally fallacious basis for the ‘orange alert’.

The media’s unquestioning acceptance of these reports is, to put it mildly, scandalous. Any journalist worth his or her salt would immediately question the basis of the so-called intelligence being used if only because it actually exposes just how bad the preventive measures really are. A cynic might be forgiven for thinking that the US authorities actually want one of the alleged terrorists to actually succeed.

But of course challenging these allegations is no doubt giving ‘aid and comfort to the enemy’, so the hysterical stampede continues unchallenged. Set all of this against what we know about the events leading up to 9/11 – something that the mass media won’t touch at all – puts the current campaign into some kind of context.

There is now so much evidence available on the real events leading up to 9/11 to at least indict the Bush administration in a conspiracy to hide the fact that it had foreknowledge of the plot and not only did nothing about it but actively conspired to hide the fact that it had foreknowledge. See especially the archive at: http://www.madcowprod.com/archive.html, one of the most complete sources of information on 9/11.

An article on Media Monitors Network sums up the con job being performed on the public when it says:

“Apparently, all Al Qaeda has to do is to “chatter” via nameless radio communications and the Homeland Security Department will declare “Code Orange” or “Code Red” and the American people will be terrorized into fear of an imminent attack. Al Qaeda does not have to lift arms, expose personnel to danger, do any actual damage or violence — just chatter away and Tom Ridge will do the real work of terrorizing the American people.”

Take for example, the much-publicised attacks that were meant to take place over the holiday period. One was an alleged plot to bomb Las Vegas:

“As it turns out, the ubiquitous al-Qaeda harbored no such plans to bomb Las Vegas — or, for that matter, any other target in America over the most cherished and commercialized of holidays. Apparently, the whole thing was idle speculation on the part of the Washington Post.

“Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman took umbrage, chastised the paper for “picking these rumors out of thin air and writing a major story about them… This could have a major effect on our quality of life here. We depend on people coming here and feeling safe. If I were the enemy, Vegas would be on the bottom of my list.”

“Mr. Goodman, however, is missing the point — that’s precisely what the Machiavellian Bushites want the American people to do: agonize over irrational and unsubstantiated claims of vicious terrorists lurking out there under cover of mistletoe, plotting radiological attacks and who knows what other evil deeds, determined to destroy our “quality of life,” as well as our way of life, and imperil our sense of inviolability.”

I’m no computer hacker but I know enough about the way databases are compiled and the methods that are used for searching them to know that for any database of ‘suspects’ to be useful, it needs to be accurate and critically uptodate, especially if it contains millions of names. The argument used by the US and UK governments is that it’s better to be ‘safe than sorry’ but where is the end to this kind of approach and does it really deter a determined hijacker equipped with a false identity?

Of course we’ll never know as the state machine keeps all such information secret in a ‘Catch-22’ process under which the state can (and does) make any and all allegations against anybody and there’s nothing anybo
dy can do about it because the allegations and the information they are based upon, are kept secret.

If nothing else, what we know about 9/11 should make us extremely wary of anything the US government says about its ‘war on terror’ and any of the information it supposedly possesses on the alleged ‘global network of terror’.

This is exactly how police states are created, the kind of state that the ‘war on terror’ is supposedly designed to remove.

“So, what we have is an American government that failed to prevent terrorism when intelligence was adequate, and which now itself terrorizes the American people by “terror alerts” based on vague information. And this is the same government which detains people of all nationalities on the basis of “guilt by association” and not on proof of actual crimes committed. This is the government that has tossed a blanket over the American constitution and which has warred on freedom and democracy at home and abroad — all in the name of a spurious “war on terror”.

Set the current events against US involvement in terrorist plots it has either instigated or been party to on the pretext of ‘subversion’, an ‘alien’ plot to overthrow the government or the alleged threat to the US in farflung places (code for a threat to US economic interests):

Argentina and military dictatorship, the Kissinger connection: See http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB104/index.htm

The US-Saddam Hussein connection: See http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/

Domestic operations, especially COINTELPRO: http://www.icdc.com/~paulwolf/cointelpro/cointel.htm

US government involvement in the overthrow of the Allende government in Chile in 1973, in Iran in 1958. For a partial list see http://www.informationclearinghouse/article2844.htm


  1. http://www.statecraft.org/chapter14.html#F3
  2. http://www.bjr.org.uk/data/2000/no2_leigh.htm

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