Evil ideology + young Muslims + DIY Bombs = Terror By William Bowles with Edward Teague

21 July 2005

Britain’s enemy within
Headline in the The Scotsman, 17 July, 2005

Talking of which, my pal Edward Teague who is, as they say from ‘oop North’, has been making extensive inquiries, talking to Asians (or at least British of Asian extraction) trying to find out what they make of it all, especially what they think of the idea of how four young and apparently quite normal working class people could be involved in something so outrageous and complex as the London bombings. The general impression is one of incredulity and disbelief but above all, one of fear that they are now the target of a dreadful hate campaign being conducted by the government in order to justify its global ‘war on terror’. A war, which ‘conveniently’ has now been brought home by 7/7.

“Our families will become prisoners in our own houses, either by choice or force, if an anti-Muslim storm is whipped up,” said one prominent Rochdale businessman, who recently returned from his life fulfilling Haj.“…. our young people are not impressed when they see our leaders kow-towing like our forebears did in the Raj”.

A glimpse at the Independent’s reported interviews on July 20 (Page 9) reflects the truth of these views…

“There is no political party of Muslim leader out here for us” Rumel Ali, 21.

“This meeting is not us. These Muslim leaders are just going to agree with what Blair says.” Saqib Chaudry, 17

“Who are these Muslim leaders?… they haven’t got a young person there to talk about stuff we want to talk about” says Saqib Ishaq, 17 unemployed.

Bathtub bombs? Hundreds of pounds-worth of expensive perfume destined to become an explosive fragrance? The ‘discovery’ after days of being in police possession of explosives and two guns in the boot (trunk) of one the cars in Luton? Did nobody bother to look in it at the time they were found? Trips to Pakistan; sudden revelation that one of the four men had been ‘investigated’ by MI5 last year ‘but cleared’ of any involvement in terrorist activity. The method being, that he had been ‘investigated’, the point being, throw muck and it sticks.

The word ‘on the street’ is that the Eygptian biochemist, Magdi al-Nashar, who was cleared of any involvement with ‘al-Qu’eda’ or the London bombings after being ‘outed’, was a spy keeping an eye on Egyptians and other Arab students at the University in Leeds. Made himself very popular as he spent money, liked the good life. And so it goes…

And it’s all well and good the authorities talking about a ‘handler’ who we are led to believe spent months ‘coaching’ these four young and allegedly impressionable men, even we are told, ‘brainwashing’ them. And all very convenient that a seemingly endless stream of these baseless allegations pour out of ‘disinformation central’ for dissemination by the corporate/state press. Even the brand of rucksack used is now a victim of the hate campaign:

Last night it emerged the bombers bought their rucksacks in Blacks camping shop in Leeds city centre. The retailer told Channel 4 News it would no longer stock that type of rucksack.
The Scotsman, 19 July, 2005

So no more happy campers? ‘Nuff said.

Frankly, the government’s propaganda campaign is so outrageous that if the outcome hadn’t been so tragic, and promises to be even more so for the millions of Muslim citizens here, it would be laughable. One has to ask the question why, which leads on to the innumerable times Tony Blair has used the phrase ‘Evil ideology + young Muslims + DIY Bombs = Terror’ or variations of it, over the past two weeks, knowing fully well how this equation will get ‘translated’ by the time it penetrates to the street.

Now could our Dear Leader have sold this message to the Great British public …nay the world, before 7/7 in what is an obvious replay of the line taken by Bush after 9/11. One would think that they wouldn’t have the nerve, the audacity, to try and pull off such an obvious stunt yet again, but it’s already been set in motion (see the detailed and sickening list of recorded incidents, ‘The anti-Muslim backlash begins’, IRR News, 14 July 2005). And no doubt the 21 incidents recorded on the site in a little over a week is just the tip of the racist iceberg that is Britain and its much touted claim to uphold ‘British values’, unless by British values it means hypocrisy and the demonisation of the ‘other’.

Perhaps Blair should require that all Muslims wear crescents on their clothes, it would definitely make their job of rounding up ‘suspects’ a lot easier. Not as looney as it seems, and definitely a frightening augur of things to come!

Special intelligence units are being planned across Britain to monitor Muslims so the authorities can collect “community by community” knowledge of where extremism is building up.

The Guardian has learned that the special squads, to be known as Muslim Contact Units and staffed by Special Branch officers, will be established in areas including Yorkshire, north-west England and parts of the Midlands.

After the London bombings police admit their intelligence of what goes on in Muslim communities is “low”, and urgently needs to be boosted.
Special Branch to track Muslims across UK, Vikram Dodd, The Guardian, Wednesday July 20, 2005

The message is clear, Muslims, more specifically, young Muslims are a ‘’fifth column’, … the “enemy in our midst”, the ‘Reds’ under the bed”, the “secret canker in our society” poised to destroy the ‘British way of life’. ‘Extremism’ of course, is anything deemed as such by our reactionary government. I’d like to know what goes on behind the doors of 10 Downing Street as they plot the destruction of what remains of our civil and legal rights.

Predictably, the ‘leaders’ of Britain’s Muslim communities have been given a tongue lashing by the British state and told in no uncertain terms that they have to reign in the ‘Young Turks’, so we have the unedifying vision of our own version of Uncle Tom’s (Uncle Ali’s?) being hauled before the press to make all the right kinds of noises about being British, upholding British values, bliah-bliah-bliah…

The Muslim leaders, imams and businessmen like the bombers, are being duped. What they should be telling Mr Blair, Mr Howard and Mr Kennedy and their cowardly MPs who avoid any public debate, is to fuck off (or words to this effect).

Perhaps what they should ask is why Blair hasn’t had similar meetings with Irish Roman Catholic Bishops and the Presbyterian Mafia about the punishment beatings, forced evacuations, thuggery, drug dealing, protection rackets and prostitution, VAT fraud and EEC grant rackets, conducted in Northern Ireland.

Perhaps they should ask him why the Rabbinate has not been asked to use their influence over Sharon and his terrorist Army of Occupation about the endless killing of the Innocents and the illegal destruction of houses and the never-ending theft of Palestinian land.

Instead, they are being told that what they should do is to betray their faith and their young people and put up with this wholesale demonisation of our Muslim brothers and sisters by Blair and Bush and their evil henchmen with their vile ideology of rape of resources and conquest of countries and their people.

So now we have our scapegoat that justifies phase two (or is it three?) of the construction of the security state, the ‘enemy within’. Not surprisingly, the bulk of this ‘enemy’ is part of what is euphemistically called the ‘underclass’, unemployed (four times the national average), uneducated, ‘benefit cheats’ and ‘drug dealers’. Fair game for the gutter press now that the state has given them the green light to go for the jugular, big time.

These members of the ‘underclass’ are of course, easy prey for brainwashing in madrassas (mosque-based schools) by men whose “evil ideology” is bent on destroying Western ‘civilisation’. They are after all, uneducated, alienated, and broke (speaking of being broke, where did Lindsay Germaine get the alleged 900 quid to buy all that expensive perfume? Do we assume his ‘handler’ said, ‘Go on brother Lindsay, go and give all your babes a treat, it’s on me’).

The logic is terrifying transparent. Blair now believes he has the ammunition so-to-speak to continue his imperialist wars and to stifle and ultimately criminalise any kind of open debate about his evil policies. Not that this is anything new to British political life, it has after all a long pedigree including the infamous Enoch Powell speech about “rivers of blood” ensuing if all those smelly ‘nig-nogs’ are allowed into the country to ‘swamp our way of life’ (a more recent reference). Such speeches were followed by a wave of Tory and Labour anti-immigration laws, all clearly targetting people from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

Whipping up a racist and xenophobic hysteria is stock-in-trade for the British state, it’s been at it for centuries, like it’s aristocratic rulers, the spawn of robber Barons and Royal mistresses, it has a long pedigree. Whenever there’s a crisis confronting the capitalist state, whip out the whipping boys.

This is the point I suppose, at which I should engage in a bit of ‘we should be’; we should be fighting this obvious diversion, we should be condemning the racist assault on the Muslim (and by definition, alien) communities in this ‘green and pleasant land’ and of course, we should.

Are we to be led once more, down the path trodden, with devastating results, so many times in so many places, by our alleged leaders, or will we see sense and refuse to be terrorised by these gangsters into actions that will make us even more the pariahs of the planet than we already are?

Our bottom line is to expose the reasons behind the use of these tried and tested tactics to divert attention away from the failed policies of Bush/Blair and their corporate, paleo-con sponsors. For ultimately, this is what it’s all about. Whilst we go on our merry way and do some ‘Paki-bashing’, they can get on with their assault on the planet’s resources and its unfortunate inhabitants, safely assured that we are otherwise occupied counting crescents.

Sole Mates?

The US wants the oil and ‘al-Qu’eda’ wants your soul

by William Bowles• Wednesday, 20 July 2005

The stories spill out thick and fast. You know what I’m talking about. All manner of conjecture and theorising on who, what, how and when.

Reactions to our stories on the London bombings have brought a couple of corporate responses (see the Daily Mirror and the Independent) but of course from the indie press the various flavours/interpretations have been pouring out thick and fast, some more coherent than others.

Guerrilla News Network for example in a piece entitled ‘The Tube bombings: Cui Bono?’, says of our work and others:

I think that many of the analysts who have interpreted this event in such a manner very often hit the nail on the head in their analysis of the motives and purposes of corporatism and U.S. foreign and economic policy… However, in this particular case [7/7], however, I think they are in error.

The piece, by Canadian journalist Jeff Berg then goes on to say:

In a nutshell where these analysts and I differ most signally in our interpretation of the London bombings is that I believe they are failing to see just how substantially al Qaeda benefits from such bombings. And on the flip side to what degree al Qaeda’s goals and the corporate militarist’s goals are in need of the same kind of breeding ground in order to come to fruition.

But of course, this approach depends on taking the nature of ‘al-Qu’eda’ at face value. If you believe as this author apparently does, that ‘al-Qu’eda’ is an autonomous organisation, regardless of its aims and objectives, then perhaps he’s right. But his analysis is based he says on the work of two journalists, Gwynne Dwyer in his book ‘Future:Tense’ and the documentary film maker Adam Curtis with his film ‘The Power of Nightmares’. Berg claims, I think quite incorrectly, that ‘al-Qu’eda’s’ aims are to

recreate a theocratic Muslim state spanning all of the Middle East and uniting all of Islam so as to usher a return of Islam to its proper place as the leading civilization of the world.

Lofty ideals indeed. If only they were true. The theory goes thus: just as the Brezinski doctrine sought to draw the Soviet Union into the quagmire that is Afghanistan leading to its ultimate downfall, so too the US, by drawing them into the quagmire that is Iraq will ultimately suffer the same fate as the Soviet Union, only this time it’s ‘al-Qu’eda’ that’s pulling all the strings. Quite a claim and quite frankly, it has no substance in fact, only in fancy as any reading of history shows.

Berg goes on to say that essentially, the US and ‘al-Qu’eda’ are two sides of the same coin, with objectives that fortuitously coincide, the difference being that the US wants the oil, whereas ‘al-Qu’eda’ wants your soul. Heady stuff no doubt.

So as regards the London bombings it matters little whether it’s a ‘black-op’ or ‘al-Qu’eda’, it all amounts to the same thing. End of story.


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