States of denial – states of terror By William Bowles

11 April 2006

For those of you who still bother to read/listen to/watch the mainstream news, you might be forgiven for thinking that the events of the past couple of decades have been proof of the overwhelming success/superiority of ‘Western civilisation’ in the battle with the heathen hordes hammering at the gates of Eden.

I have to admit to going through bouts of extreme depression that lead me to stop listening to or reading the various and sundry mouthpieces of the state and big business, vowing to never again subject myself to the unending stream of crap that flows from the orifices of those tasked with smoothing over our deep-seated fears concerning the state of the planet driven as it is by the maxim that what the eye doesn’t see the heart won’t grieve.

Yet of course in order to assuage the unspoken fears I suspect we all have concerning the state of things, the powers that be have on the one hand to ratchet up the fear quotient (from ‘al-Qu’eda’ to bird flu) and yet try to assure us that they have everything under control. No mean feat for it means squaring the circle, convincing us that day is night and black is white.

Living in such an extreme state of schizophrenia, between comfort and chaos is no doubt in large part responsible for the madness that afflicts us for in spite of the apparent wealth that threatens to overwhelm us, anyone peeking even just a little bit under the blanket of ‘normalcy’ that those who rule have draped over us, it is clear that there is not only a crisis of legitimacy but that the ruling elites know that they have utterly nothing to offer to resolve the problems that confront us. Hence their desperate attempts to persuade us that it is a global conspiracy that threatens ‘our way of life’.

And for those of you old enough to remember the nuclear terror our leaders subjected us to for half a century, it’s worth remembering that they played the same game with us then as the one they’re using today. Does it not occur to you that although the ‘enemy’ has changed, very little else has?

For decades we have been conned into thinking that voting every few years is a sure sign that we have the governments that represent us but of course as most of us don’t even bother to vote, and those that do, do it out of a reflex action, we have what might be called negative feedback.

Divorced from the political process, devoid of a genuine voice of opposition let alone a genuine alternative, only strengthens the state’s control as the increasingly repressive laws demonstrate.

On the one hand it is argued that we have allowed this state of affairs to come to pass because the great majority genuinely believe that we are under attack from the ‘forces of darkness’, therefore such draconian repression is a ‘necessary evil’ if we are to protect ‘our way of life’.

The paradox is not lost on me even if it is on those who accept such an argument—the killing us to save us syndrome—but on the other hand, it can be argued that we have gone along with the lie precisely because this is only explanation we are presented with.

Many of us find that the explanation—that we have a murderous and utterly ruthless ruling class—too outrageous to accept. How can it be that allegedly civilised and educated people can perform such unthinkable acts? On the face of it, it seems impossible, we are, after all, the defenders of civilisation, we pride ourselves on our culture, our learning, our compassion.

But history reveals precisely this, literally millions of people exterminated, entire cultures wiped out, all to preserve the ‘Western way of life’, a way of life that is not only immoral and unjust but now obviously unsustainable no matter how many light bulbs you switch off.

And I argue that it is precisely the unsustainability of ‘our way of life’ that has given rise to the current situation for it is simply inconceivable that those who rule us will alter their policies voluntarily, there is just too much at stake no matter that they’re turning the planet into shit.

Thus the ante must be continually raised if the populace are to be kept in their place which explains the never-ending series of ‘threats’ to which our ‘way of life’ is continually subjected, with each successive ‘threat’ built on the one preceding it.

Note for example that prior to the invasion of Iraq we were told that once the tyrant Hussein was removed, peace and security would be restored (just as were told that once the ‘Red Menace’ was no more, we could sleep safe in our beds) yet the occupation has led to the emergence of even greater threats, now it’s Iran and no doubt following Iran it will be North Korea, then China, then…?

Yet there is a great irony in the current situation for the ruling elites have created a paradoxical situation whereby having effectively disenfranchised the populace by gutting the political process, they have no means of achieving any kind of endorsement for their policies. Thus the drive to create the necessary structures for ‘Der Tag’, that is, when it becomes necessary to rule by brute force or in cruder terms ‘fuck the populace and just do as you’re told!’

Our ‘democracy’ is revealed for what it really is, a sham, a cardboard cut-out, good as a point-of-sale device but even the advertising has worn thin. Conceivably we’ll stagger along for a few more ‘elections’ but eventually the entire house of cards will collapse, most likely not because of anything we do but because the rest of the planet will do it for us, and not to save our sorry arses but to save their own. After all, USUK can only invade just so many countries before coming to even greater grief than they have already. This is after all not 1870 (or thereabouts) when all it took was a couple of gunboats, some redcoats and a couple of tons of opium.


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