Ariel Sharon still killing from (almost) beyond the grave By William Bowles

17 July 2006

Ariel Sharon“On the eve of the 1982 invasion [of Lebanon], US Secretary of State Alexander Haig told Ariel Sharon that, before starting it, it was necessary to have a “clear provocation”, which would be accepted by the world.” — Uri Avnery, ‘The real aim of Israel’s attacks on Lebanon

“The idea of installing a Quisling in Lebanon is nothing new. In 1955, David Ben-Gurion proposed taking a “Christian officer” and installing him as dictator. Moshe Sharet showed that this idea was based on complete ignorance of Lebanese affairs and torpedoed it. But 27 years later, Ariel Sharon tried to put it into effect nevertheless. Bashir Gemayel was indeed installed as president, only to be murdered soon afterwards. His brother, Amin, succeeded him and signed a peace agreement with Israel, but was driven out of office. (The same brother is now publicly supporting the Israeli operation.)” [ibid]

So even from his deathbed Ariel Sharon lives on—to kill. As I stated in ‘Just testing the waters’, the murderous terror bombing was planned months ago. It’s Guernica all over again, reports are coming in that Israel has been using banned weapons on Lebanon, phosphorus and so-called vacuum bombs.

So will it work this time? According to Uri Avnery’s analysis, it has just as much chance of succeeding, that is, not much.

[It] is clearly impossible under the present Lebanese regime, a delicate fabric of ethno-religious communities. The slightest shock can bring the whole structure crashing down and throw the state into total anarchy – especially after the Americans succeeded in driving out the Syrian army, the only element that has for years provided some stability. [ibid]

Of course such subtleties escape the blinkered gaze of the Western media, it is after all, too intent in pushing the propaganda that justifies the terrorist operation of the Zionist government.

Let's get themAnd according to the latest reports coming out of the Occupied Territories, whilst everyone is mesmerised by the events in Lebanon, Israel has stepped up its terrorist attacks on the Palestinian people.

“3 Killed and 11 Injured, including 2 Journalists & 2 Paramedics; Forced Exodus of Families in Rafah & Beit Hanoun; and the Gaza Strip is Isolated from the Outside World” — ‘IOF Occupy & Isolate Beit Hanoun, and Destroy the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Report’, PCHR, 17 July 2006

And what of the alleged aim of freeing the captured soldiers? This is what at least one voice from Israel has to say about the effect of the bestiality that is Israel’s attack on Lebanon:

“What is Israel’s running wild likely to achieve? Not much. As for the captured soldiers, any action other than negotiations is gambling with their lives, as their families now start to say out louder. As for the missiles shot from Gaza, the military could not stop them when it was sitting inside the Strip – obviously, it cannot stop them by casual incursions and air bombing. As for Lebanon, the disproportional Israeli reaction made Hezbollah fire missiles at the whole of northern Israel, both at communities that had enjoyed relative quiet since 2000 and at places that had never experienced any Lebanese missiles before.” ‘The Army Wants Action: The great fiasco’ Ran HaCohen, 16 July 2006

As before the real target is firstly Syria and then no doubt at some point, Iran. What is truly incredible about the media coverage is that in their rush to ‘prove’ that it’s all Syria and Iran’s fault, they neglect to mention that what Israel is doing is not only immoral to the nth degree but breaks every law in the book.

Here’s Jon Snow from his so-called Snow-mail:

“As I write, Prime Minister Olmert is about to speak to Parliament so I’ve been asking people on the street what they think of him. Three to one they seem to be pretty enthusiastic about what he’s done.”

I just love Snow’s offhand “pretty enthusiastic”. Have you lost your marbles Mr Snow? Hundreds of people have been killed and mutilated. Clearly Western ‘civilisation’ has hit rock bottom when slaughter gets reduced to a flip remark such as the one made by Mr Snow.

But Snow is just the tip of a blood-stained iceberg of what laughably tries to pass as media coverage. What is lost in the scramble to please their masters is firstly their humanity but more importantly, the truth. It doesn’t take a degree in library science to research the fact that every previous capture of an IDF soldier has been resolved through a prisoner exchange, that destroying Lebanon will only make Lebanese hate the Israelis even more than they probably already do. It won’t get the prisoners returned but then that was never the objective.

Ultimately, it’s Israel’s last, desperate gamble to produce a ‘Palestinian Solution’. No need of gas ovens, F-16s, phosphorus bombs, 1-ton bombs, vacuum bombs and the rest of the awful US-made and supplied armoury will do the job.

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