Yes I know I've not been very prolific…

10 October 2013

Yes, I know, I’ve not been very prolific of late, either with articles or my own work (in spite of brief burst of activity over Syria, Sarin and the BBC) but then I’ve been doing this pretty much non-stop for over ten years and I’m just burned out. Worse still, I feel like like I’m just pissing in the wind for all the good I try to do.

13 thoughts on “Yes I know I've not been very prolific…

  1. william sweetling says:

    No sir, you are not pissing in the wind. I’m an avid reader of your news and op-eds. I am more knowledgeable and informed thanks to you. I can understand your frustrations: You work hard with what seems like no changes. But that’s the way Nature and evolution are. They have more time than we do so they’re never in a hurry. Thanks for all your hard work. I appreciate it.


    • InI says:

      Dear William,
      Thanks for your kind words of encouragement but it’s true, I’m burned out, so much so that many of the projects I’ve got stored up in my brain are far from being executed and I fear I’m running out of time. And yes, compared to geological time, my life is less than a speck in the scheme of things, but again I fear we as a species are running out of time unless we halt this mad rush to consume the planet. A slight aside, I note that one of my favourite ‘science fiction’ writers, Frederick Pohl died a couple of weeks ago and whose writings, most of his best stuff anyway, written at the height of the Cold War, very accurately predicted the chowing of the planet. A luta continua (somewhere)


  2. Mark King says:

    You may be pissing in the wind but you’re among good company who, whether separately or in bunches, are splattering the establishment with stinging truth. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a ‘niceness break’ and catch up on some quality entertainment and me-time, so don’t despair (or give up on us), just enjoy a well-deserved sabbatical and recharge till you can resist the revolution no more.


  3. Andrew Brooks says:

    I agree with William. I understand how you must feel, and if you want to stop doing this, that has to be your choice, but I do hope you won’t. None of this is lost. Everything you post helps someone somewhere become better informed and perhaps also more active.


  4. Deane Rink says:

    your column is one of the best I get, and I for one appreciate your thoroughness and dedication. I understand burnout, but MSM is so overwhelming, that you may be undervaluing your contribution.


    • InI says:

      Dear Deane,
      Well, yes you maybe right, but I’m a 3rd generation leftie and my folks and their folks all looked forward to a life without capitalism, where we might, collectively and individually, enjoy the fruits of our labours. Instead, we seem to be going backwards at a fast rate of knots. A most depressing experience.


  5. Alex says:

    Hi Bill!! Your work is not in vain. I personally opened my eyes to some issues with some of your analysis. They really were important to my political view of the world. And all the work of collecting information surely is important to all the people that come to your site (the great majority wouldn’t even believe that it is made by a single person!). Greetings from Portugal. Here the fight goes on (“a luta continua”). We will have major demonstrations on October 19. Care to come?


    • InI says:

      Hey Alex!
      So good to hear from you. I’d love to visit but unfortunately I have a hospital appointment for that week (I’m falling apart, now it’s my eye) but perhaps when I’m sorted a visit is in order. I still think about my time with you folks with great affection.


  6. Dave Patterson says:

    It’s ok to slow down Bill you’ve been working at this a long time – but don’t feel bad, that’s just the wrong way to go – you’ve done the right thing with your life, fighting for sanity and truth and freedom for all of us, and if it’s time to let others pick up the torch, so be it – none of us saves the world by ourselves, all we can do is what we can do – most do little or nothing, you’ve done more than your share. Whatever you do, don’t deny or dishonor your past by ‘pissing in the wind’ talk, it was a good fight, you did your best, nothing to be ashamed of – and obviously not over yet, even if you dial back a bit, your wisdom learned from years of engagement can still guide others just starting to get involved. We honor our old warriors for democracy and freedom and good stuff in general on Green Island – you’ll be welcome when it’s time – Green Island


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