Charles Mingus with Eric Dolphy ‘Peggy’s Blue Skylight’


21 June 2016 — Jazz on the Tube

I’ve broken my rule here as I was going to confine music videos and such to my other site, but why? Filmed by Belgium TV on April 19, 1964. Mingus arranged a tour of northern Europe in the late spring and early summer of 1964 and it seems almost everywhere they went TV producers embraced them. Tragically, this was to be Dolphy’s last tour. He died in Berlin just two months after this performance.

Personnel: Charles Mingus – bass; Eric Dolphy – sax, bass clarinet and flute; Clifford Jordan, tenor sax; Jaki Byard – piano; Dannie Richmond – drums; Johnny Coles – trumpet

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A further update

22 April 2016

My previous note was a little premature. Yes, I have added and gone through all the essays but I’ve not checked everyone for links and so forth and searching through each essay and checking links and typos (not that they’re bad necessarily but they may send you to the wrong Website!) is  incredibly tedious and a long-winded process and I get bored easily. But it’s all here and in relatively good shape at long last.

A new beginning By William Bowles

30 January 2016

Well not exactly, initially it’s a consolidation of my writing into one location and, in one format, a time-consuming operation to conduct on the five hundred or so files that I’ve yet to process and add to the site’s database. Since returning to the UK in 2002, my online work has gone through three phases: my original hand-crafted site (2003-2010), then the self-hosted WordPress site (2010-ongoing) and now this one, dedicated solely to my own writing.

For those readers who know my writing from my original site, I am engaged in a rather tedious process of going through about 1000 essays I’ve penned since 2003 and hopefully, out of this mass I’ll be able to assemble the best of it and produce an anthology covering the years from the invasion of Iraq in 2003 to the present and publish it in print format.

I’m not very good at self-promotion but I need to add my other creative endeavours here, stories, scripts and a bibliography of my published work that exists online and in print, but is scattered around the proverbial place and in different formats. I’m also hoping that this move will inspire me to start writing again on a more regular basis the way I used to do.

Corbyn’s jobs for the boys By William Bowles

28 September 2015

So socialist Jeremy Corbyn, after pressure from the trade union boys who bankroll him, agreed not to make Trident an issue. After all, making nuclear missiles and the submarines that carry them, are jobs for the boys.

“Earlier Mr McCluskey said [the] Unite [trade union] was sympathetic to the argument that Trident nuclear weapons were expensive but added that not renewing the multi-billion pound system would cost some workers their jobs.

“He told a fringe meeting in Brighton: “We won’t be voting in favour of any anti-Trident resolution.The unions who were opposed to Trident are likely to carry the day and that is the way it is, that is the reality.”” – ‘Jeremy Corbyn loses the battle on Trident after trade unionists side with Labour MPs to block the move‘, the Independent, 27 September 2015

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"The Bride of death?" By William Bowles

13 October 2003

Intro, 26 September 2015: I wrote this thirteen years ago and on rereading it now I think it deserves a fresh airing given as how things have just gone downhill since then with the total demonisation of the Muslim/Arab in the so-called civilised world. And, it must be me that’s changed because I’m even more appalled today by the repellent racism of Kevin Toolis’s muck in the Observer than when I first read it all those years ago.

This is a kind of followup to the piece I wrote the other day “Let the reader be aware” about the way the media repeats lots of small lies to make one Big Lie, predicated on the approach that swallowing a lot of small lies is a lot easier to do than swallowing one Big One.

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My Dilemma By William Bowles

19 September 2015

I ended my last piece with this:

But assuming JC [Jeremy Corbyn] makes all the right calls, could it, a reborn Labour Party lead to a new call for an end to the madness of capitalism and exactly 130 years after [William] Morris made his plea?

Think about it. Transform the Labour Party into a vehicle to promote a new socialist vision? Who is kidding who here?

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Corbyn’s Dilemma By William Bowles

18 September 2015

‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’

I’m really torn writing this, for on the one hand, Jeremy Corbyn’s (JC) sudden materialisation in the midst of a rampant, Victorian-style imperialist England, like Doctor Who landing in the Tardis, it’s difficult  not to join in the euphoria currently sweeping through what’s left of the left in England  (the current Media Lens has an excellent description of this) and bow down before JC, an almost Christ-like apparition right in the middle of the gangster capitalists in Armani suits who rule us.

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Jozi dusty, Jozi blue By William Bowles

9 August 2001

Written toward the end of my life in South Africa, ‘Jozi Dusty, Jozy blue’, saw a return to my writing poetry again. In fact writing poems was the first ‘serious’ writing I did, spurred on by a friend, also a poet who dared me to write a poem in the manner of a Which Consumer Report on men’s underpants. I’m not at all sure what makes us write poetry or even where the words come from. I just know that when they all ‘fit’ together, the poem is finished.

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