Media Dumps on Aristide By William Bowles

17 February 2004

Haiti, yet another US foreign policy disaster area, Western press coverage has been predictably less than forthcoming over the deteriorating situation. Indeed, trying to find out anything meaningful at all about the current situation has proved to be extremely difficult. Aside that is from what has become a de facto methodology of reportage of events on the island (or indeed in any country that can be called ‘un-developed’ and yet another ‘failed’ state).

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Haiti – Regime Change By William Bowles

1 June 2003


‘In 1893 Frederick Douglass, then envoy to Haiti, said he felt compelled to defend Haiti against the prejudices of ‘newspaper correspondents and six-day tourists’ by pointing out that Haiti seemed capable of enduring crisis without ‘falling to pieces and without being hopelessly abandoned to barbarism’.

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