What did I say! By William Bowles

1 December 2016

Further Update:

It gets even  more interesting. It’s clear that the morons in government are totally clueless about what to do about Brexit (I have sneaking suspicion that they hope it’ll just go away, somewhere). So I read that now, David Davies the ‘Brexit Minister’ is advocating paying to stay in the single market (BBC Radio 4 News). But you can bet that whatever the outcome it’ll be us that does the paying and not David Davies and his ilk.

Will it drag on forever until we’ve mostly forgotten about it, or will the rising water levels push such mundane things from our minds?

The future does indeed look bleak, so bleak in fact, that it’s unlikely we have one. So if the Orange Menace doesn’t invade (fill in the country) climate disaster will overtake, well firstly the poor of the planet  will be the first to pay (check Bangla Desh for example if you don’t believe me). Climate change is already impacting on tens of million of lives! But they’re poor and have brown skins, so it’s nothing new, we’ve been slaughtering them for centuries. The only difference now is the scale of the slaughter, now it’s planetary.

The final crisis of capital is upon us. War by climate change or war engineered to keep the imperialist economies from crashing. I truly think this is the last chance we have to save the planet and even then, it may well already be too late.

3 November 2016

Back when I had a burst of enthusiasm to write again, brought on by Corbymania and Brexit, I ventured to say that in all likelihood, we’d never leave the EU and, as things developed, I figured I’d probably have to eat my owns words.

Not so fast!

On a regular basis, I read all kinds of news stories from all over the place and one, from South Africa actually, carried the following:

UK parliament must vote on Brexit

The British High Court has ruled that the parliament must vote on Brexit. The ruling has the immediate effect that the UK cannot enact Article 50 and begin the EU departure. In the long-term, it may result in a parliamentary vote overruling the referendum. Resident UKIP ghoul Nigel Farage was quick to point out that this would be a betrayal of the overwhelming 51.2% majority of voters who want to see Britain leave the EU. 3 November 2016, The Daily Maverick

So, this really throws the cat amongst the pigeons. What if Parliament rejects Brexit? And what will the EU do if it does?

As the Chinese curse has it, ‘may you live in interesting times’.

Seven days in June By William Bowles

30 June 2016

[A lightly edited version of this was published in the latest issue of Coldtype, available here as a pdf]

It’s very rare that you see the ruling elite totally at a loss for words: but they were. Gobsmacked and stunned would be accurate descriptions of the look on the political class’s collective face on the morning of June 24, 2016.

It’s the corporate/state media that effectively calls the shots when it comes to national decision-making in the UK these days, so most people assumed that the Remainers would win the previous day’s vote on whether or not the country should remain in Europe. The pre-voting propaganda was so solidly devoted to the “immigration problem,” that nobody considered the implications of actually exiting from the EU should the Brexiters win the vote. In fact, it just added to the confusion, the results of which are all too apparent now, with pro and anti at each other’s throats. And all of it, engineered.
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The fallacy, and the failure of reformism By William Bowles

27 June 2016

So I turn on the TV and up comes a BBC reporter, and the first words I hear are, “but the word that comes to mind regarding Mr Corbyn’s performance on campaigning to remain in the EU, is lacklustre…that’s what everybody is saying”. The reporter went on to blame Corbyn for the result because he didn’t campaign hard enough to Remain.

And yes, for once the BBC reporter is absolutely correct, Corbyn was, well less than lacklustre I’d say but the guy was caught between a rock and a hard place and surrounded by enemies within his own camp (thankfully all departed now). He would have had to stand up and be counted but I don’t think he has what it takes and we have to ask the question why? Why didn’t he appeal directly to those who elected him, the ‘forgotten ones’, the bottom 30% that the ‘good life’ in the EU has not only passed by but ripped them off for the past forty years. The ones who voted for Corbyn but who ironically also tipped the balance in the Referendum vote. Had Corbyn followed through and supported Brexit, I think the winning percentage would have been even higher.

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The Tory chickens come home to roost By William Bowles

24 June 2016

Ask yourself this: Why has immigration been made the pole around which, this entire referendum ‘debate’, has revolved? Why has the closet Nazi Nigel Farage of UKIP been given so much airtime?

Could it be the masses, hammering at the doors of Fortress Europe after we, that is the US-EU-NATO axis of pure barbarism, destroyed their countries, have something to do with it?

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