Welcome to the Hall of (Daily) Mirrors By William Bowles

17 May 2004

Now you see it – now you don’t

For decades the ruling class has pretty well had things ‘under control’. It could rely on an electorate dosed to the eyeballs on anti-communism with liberal lacings of racism, a side dish of xenophobia followed by a dessert of crumbs from the well-stocked larder of the capitalist way of life. Live now, pay later.

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Psy-Ops? By William Bowles

13 May 2004

berg Who are these guys?

Already, there are questions surrounding the death of Nicholas Berg portrayed in the notorious video and supposedly committed by Al Qu-eda’s #2 Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Of course, we have no proof that ‘Al Qu-eda’ committed it let alone Zarqawi aside from the assertions that have come from the US authorities and what it says on the Website. Assertions that almost everyone accepts without question.

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The immoral low ground By William Bowles

9 May 2004


“Saddam a “presentable young man” with “engaging smile,”
“Let’s “do business,” said British Embassy in 1969.””

“”The goal has never been to win the Olympic high jump in democracy,”
Paul Wolfowitz

“That strategic objective, of a free, democratic, de-Baathified Iraq, is grandiose, and unattainable…. It’s just a matter of time before we revise downward the strategy and abandon these ridiculous objectives.” – Unnamed US Army General

Occupying the ‘moral high ground’ was the cry of the Western ‘democracies’ in their battle with the ‘evil empire’ for decades. Totalitarian regimes we were told had little regard for the rights of the individual and free expression. The individual was subsumed for the ‘greater good’ of the state and so forth and so on.

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The Power of the Press – to reorder reality By William Bowles

8 April 2004

“[The] CIA’s report to top officials on day two of the crisis identified the “Presidential Guard, gendarmerie, and military” as killers of “several government officials-including the Prime Minister”; State Department intelligence informed policymakers the morning after the shoot-down of the plane that “rogue Hutu elements of the military-possibly the elite presidential guard” were probable culprits; The U.S. defense attaché in Rwanda, who reported to State Department, defense intelligence and U.S. European Command officials, on the second day forwarded “reports that the Presidential Guard is “out of control” on the streets of Kigali while all other military units remain in their barracks”” – William Ferroggiaro, National Security Archive

Well you wouldn’t know it from all the tributes to the tenth anniversary in the media, that within two days of the Rwandan tragedy, the US knew not only what was going on but who did it and where and when they did it.

The report from the invaluable National Security Archive released via a Freedom of Information request belies all the bullshit and crocodile tears we’ve been reading about Rwanda over the past couple of weeks.

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US Foreign Policy: A Mystery to the Media? By William Bowles

3 April 2004

Okay, so what’s the deal? Why won’t the corporate media tell us what’s going on? Why do I have scrabble around the Internet looking for answers? Why won’t my local print, tv and radio tell me why, yet again, the US is orchestrating a coup d’etat against Venezuela?

Dumb questions I know, but over the past week, the number of stories on Venezuela available locally – of any kind – is zero. And over the past few weeks, it’s not much more, a handful to be exact. And no doubt, just as with the appalling press coverage of the US-backed coup d’etat in Haiti, we won’t read anything until it’s all but over (barring the killing), then of course, the vampires are all over the place.

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National Endowment for Democracy: At It Again in Haiti! By William Bowles

19 February 2004

The National Endowment for Democracy that ‘celebrated’ its 20th anniversary this year has a long and less than illustrious past. It’s dead hand has descended on a number of countries over the past two decades including Nicaragua, El Salvador, Venezuela (currently also on-going) and of course Haiti.

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Book Review: Getting to the meat of Skull & Bones By William Bowles

23 November 2003

“Fleshing Out Skull & Bones: Investigations into America’s Most Powerful Secret Society” – Antony Sutton, Howard Altman, Kris Milligan, Dr Ralph Bunch, Anton Chaitkin & Webster Griffin Tarpley. Trineday 2003

What constitutes a conspiracy? Well first off by definition it should be a secret. According to the chapter by Ralph Bunch, ‘Secrecy and our constitution: Whom do they serve?’ conspiracies are factions, minority factions that see all non-members of the conspiracy as opponents and their secrecy is to prevent all opponents from even knowing of their existence. Hence by this definition, political lobbying groups, corporations that seek to defraud the public, politicians planning a coup d’etat, criminals planning a robbery, all are conspiracies.

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Oil, Guns & Drugs – The Money Triangle By William Bowles

11 November 2003

From Adolf Hitler to George Bush Jnr, US capitalism’s unbroken link

When I started putting this essay together, it started out as investigation of Richard Armitage as a typical example of the kind of people employed to run the United States on behalf of their imperialist masters. Then I came across a piece written in 2000 by Michael Ruppert of Beyond the Wilderness, that broadened my inquiries as the article links Kellog Brown and Root, a subsidiary of Halliburton to the worldwide distribution of drugs via the global network that Halliburton owns or operates on behalf of the US government and various corporations including major oil companies. A network that evolved over time initially through the CIA’s connection to the drug trade in the Golden Triangle but which has its roots in Nazi Germany over thirty years earlier and its connection to US big business. And in the post-war period, Brown Brothers Harriman were also involved in laundering Nazi money through a Dutch-based bank.

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History Repeating Itself? Not Exactly By William Bowles

3 November 2003

Nobody can gloat over the US soldiers who are dying in increasing numbers (officially 27 in the past week) but I’m old enough to remember the Vietnam War and the press releases and statements coming out of the US administration back then and those of today have a real feeling of deja vu about them.

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