Skripal, the Russkies and Bellingcat

27 September 2018 — Investigating Imperialism

I smell a rat!

A quick comment about the two Russian alleged assassins, exposed, we are told by the ‘investigative’ Website, Bellingcat. Not mentioned by any of the major news media is the fact that Bellingcat is funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (sic), renowned for its interference in foreign elections, funding terrorists and overthrowing governments the US doesn’t approve of.

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Passing the Buk By William Bowles

22 July 2014

Well, aside from a few comments I’ve posted on Moon of Alabama, I’ve spent most of the time reading (when I’ve not been compiling) just about everything I could on the subject of the downing of Malaysian Airlines #MH17 and I think it’s pretty obvious that the Russians have been fitted up for this horrendous crime by the Kiev authorities (and possibly others) and, it must be said, they did a pretty bad job of it! If it wasn’t for the craven and complicit corporate/state media in the West simply not reporting on the actual events of the 17 July as they have been revealed, the reality of the frame would be obvious to everyone.

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US-Israeli false flag gas attack unravels By William Bowles

28 August 2013

Commit a war crime to cover up a war crime?

This is where it all started: The Israeli intelligence front the Debkafile, which is the source of the story that implicated the Assad government and/or its military in the gas attack on East Ghouta and now forms the basis for the war on Syria. Continue reading

‘Witnessing’ Boston’s Mass Casualty Theatre By William Bowles

13 May 2013

Mention the word ‘conspiracy’ and eyes roll and people head for the exit. Derision is poured with abandon on the heads of those so described as ‘conspiracy theorists’, and especially those who dare to suggest that complex events can be engineered so as to fool the onlooker or the curious. The Boston bombings appear to fall into this category. Indeed, it’s so blatantly an engineered event that I think the ‘producers’ are getting careless (maybe they think we don’t care? More likely, they think we’re too scared to care). Continue reading

It’s that’s time again – for another ‘terror plot’ By William Bowles

12 August 2006

“Sometimes we may have to modify some of our own freedoms in the short term in order to prevent their misuse and abuse by those who oppose our fundamental values and would destroy all of our freedoms in the modern world.” – Home secretary, John Reid

It’s amazing really that nobody sees the paradox of Reid calling for the abolition of what’s left of our civil rights in order to preserve them but then there’s nothing logical about the ‘war on terror’, it is itself a contradiction of terms.

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The Case of Kamel Bourgass: The sound of one hand clapping or a conspiracy of one by William Bowles

9 May 2005

COP killer Kamel Bourgass was yesterday unmasked as Osama Bin Laden’s master poisoner – with a mission to murder as many Britons as possible.
The Sun

[A]lleged plots to smear powdered castor bean on door handles are most probably rubbish, something copied from tales of American ricin trouble-makers, like the Minnesota Militia.
MORE UK TERROR TRIAL: Evil foiled or more mendacity? by George Smith, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, GlobalSecurity.Org

Kamel BourgassPerhaps the most difficult thing for your ‘average’ citizen to take in is the idea that your government would deliberately lie and deceive you over a thing like terrorism. After all, the state is meant to protect its citizens, isn’t that why we have a raft of laws and an incredibly expensive enforcement system replete with tens of thousands of state employees, surveillance systems and so forth?

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Re “Terrorist Related Activity” By William Bowles

10 March 2005

First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out.
Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists, but I was neither, so I did not speak out.
Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out.
And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me. – Pastor Martin Niemoller

zarqawi 2 Zarqawi 1 zarqawi 7 zarqawi 8

What is amazing about the Zarqawi saga is how, over time, Western governments (with the able assistance of the media) have managed to keep the pot boiling regarding a man whose existence is far from actually being established as fact (although of late, he, along with Osama seems to have fallen off the front page, pointing to the limited life span of such archetypes).

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Psy-Ops? By William Bowles

13 May 2004

berg Who are these guys?

Already, there are questions surrounding the death of Nicholas Berg portrayed in the notorious video and supposedly committed by Al Qu-eda’s #2 Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Of course, we have no proof that ‘Al Qu-eda’ committed it let alone Zarqawi aside from the assertions that have come from the US authorities and what it says on the Website. Assertions that almost everyone accepts without question.

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Provocations By William Bowles

21 November 2003

Wracking up the anté with a fortuitous bombing or two – given the parlous state of the ‘war on terror’ and global opposition to USUK operations – is an option we should not dismiss lightly.

Was the bombing in Istanbul a provocation? Before you accuse me of joining ‘conspiracy central’ consider that the CIA were tied directly to the terrorist group that bombed the US barracks in Beirut in 1982 through funding their operations and the use of provocations to destabilise and/or as a reason for intervention has a long tradition going all the way back to the Spanish-American War that led to the US colonising Cuba. Consider also the pretext for Reagan’s invasion of Grenada, the supposed threat to American students or that of the invasion of Panama, where CIA asset Manuel Noreiga was the pretext, or Cuban ‘arming’ of the Sandinistas in 1981. Need I go on?

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By Any Means Necessary By William Bowles

30 October 2003

According to the ‘conspiratorialist’ view, the US government has been and is, involved in a number of illegal conspiracies to manipulate events in order to pursue its agenda, both domestic and foreign. For example, the US government’s alleged involvement with or foreknowledge of 9/11 or, and perhaps even more to the point, it has been suggested that some of the more spectacular bombings that have occurred in Iraq over the past weeks including the bombing of the UN’s headquarters were instigated by the US as part of its political agenda. After all, without a major UN presence in Iraq, it becomes all the easier for the US to maintain its control, what better way to see off the ‘competition’ than to blow them away. It won’t be the first time or the last as the assassination of Orlando Letelier demonstrated, or US involvement in the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, or CIA involvement in the bombing of US military barracks in Beirut in 1982.

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