With friends like these… By William Bowles

15 October 2003

‘The attack on the US mission in the occupied territories today (15/10/03) or something similar, may well be our 21st century Sarejevo. Indeed, it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that today’s attack was a deliberate provocation by Israel designed to drag the US more directly into the conflict.’

This how I ended my last essay and statements by Bush immediately after the bombing are, to say the least, ominous. Could this be a prelude to a more direct military involvement by the US or at least give the green light to Sharon to finish the job he started in 1982 in Lebanon?

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The never-ending story: 45 minutes from Niger By William Bowles

28 June 2003

Will it never end? Obviously not, because in upping the ante, the government has introduced yet another layer of dissembling in trying to shift the focus from the government’s web of lies onto its spin doctors, headed by Alistair Campbell. So if and when the shit hits the fan, it’ll be Campbell who gets covered, not the ministers in government, principally Blair and Straw, at least that’s the theory. What is critical about the display we’ve been subjected to over the past week, is what it reveals about the nature of what passes for governance in this ‘new’ imperialist epoch.

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