(Yet More) Rumours of War and other tales from Psy-Ops Central by William Bowles

7 September 2007

“Reports that the Bush administration will put Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps on the terrorism list can be read in one of two ways: It’s either more bluster or, ominously, a wind-up for a strike on Iran. Officials I talk to in Washington vote for a hit on the IRGC, maybe within the next six months.” — Robert Baer, a former high-ranking CIA field officer in the Middle East. [1]

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Total power drives you totally mad by Willliam Bowles

17 July 2007

One tends to think of those who rule as being ruthlessly logical in their application of power; after all, maintenance of the status quo should surely be one of their major objectives?

But their loss of legitimacy, obvious to all except the most myopic and self-delusional points to something quite fundamental taking place, for the loss of legitimacy reveals a ruling class that has completely lost the plot. Continue reading

In His Master’s Voice – The BBC’s Mark Urban does a hatchet job on Media Lens By William Bowles

4 June 2007

I don’t know how many readers follow the exchanges between the BBC and other mainstream media outlets and Medialens (there are number of them archived here in the Media section of the site but please do pay a visit to their site). There’s no doubt that ML perform a valuable service by deconstructing the language used by the MSM in their coverage of events. You can argue with their political position but what you cannot argue with is their analysis of the BBC’s overtly political slant that supports without question the USUK occupation of Iraq.

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From ‘al-Qu’eda’ to ‘Abductions’-the deceptions continue By William Bowles

17 May 2007

It’s ages since I’ve dumped on my favourite newspaper, the Independent for its ‘news’ coverage but I broke down and bought the damn thing because of what I found on the front page this week.

Under the head of “An American Nightmare” (15/5/07) we read that US troops have been “kidnapped” by “al-Qu’ida”. It’s not clear who holds the by-line for the front page, either Rupert Cornwall or Patrick Cockburn, not that it matters either way as on turning to page 2 we find that both are singing from the same song sheet.

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So what gives? By William Bowles

12 March 2007

‘[We come not as] conquerors or enemies, but as liberators.’ — Lieutenant General Sir Stanley Maude, Commander in Chief of British forces in Iraq, after entering Baghdad in March 1917.

According to the best estimates, the dozen years of sanctions following Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait led to something like one million deaths in Iraq, including 500,000 children and since the invasion in 2003 a further 650,000 have died as a result of the illegal occupation.

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Beware of gringos bearing ‘gifts’ By William Bowles

9 December 2006

Have the new centurians been hyped by their own propaganda?

The Coming Of Gulf War III
Even If We Leave Now, We’ll Be Back –
By David Rothkopf, Washington Post, Sunday, December 10, 2006

“Staying the course”, the battle cry of the republic. Then comes the Iraq Study Group and predictably all the headlines parrot the news bites about a war ‘lost’ and a ‘change of course’. But is it a change of course or the same wolf dressed up as a dove creeping in through the back door of the biggest embassy on the planet? Continue reading

Leaving the scene of the crime? By William Bowles

27 October 2006 

“The Armed Forces Press Service recently quoted Army Chief of Staff General Peter J. Schoomaker as saying that the current level of soldiers in Iraq could remain constant through 2010.” — ‘Iraq and Afghanistan: Staying Until the Fight is Over’ October 25, 2006

The Independent’s front page head for Wednesday 25 October proclaimed loudly “We’re out of here” purportedly the words of General George Casey, the US’s head military honcho in Iraq. Of course the devil lives in the small print as any reading ‘between the lines’ reveals. And in any case, Casey’s comments are designed precisely to give the impression that a pullout is imminent when in reality, there is no way the US can leave voluntarily, there is simply too much at stake.

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Connecting the dots by William Bowles

29 June 2006

Conspiracies are factions, minority factions that see all non-members of the conspiracy as opponents and their secrecy is to prevent all opponents from even knowing of their existence. Hence by this definition, political lobbying groups, corporations that seek to defraud the public, politicians planning a coup d’etat, criminals planning a robbery, all are conspiracies. – Dr Ralph Bunch

Shortly after the invasion of Iraq, I quoted from a piece in the Independent that attempted to discredit opposition to the invasion with the following:

“Conspiracy theories abound … Others claim it was inspired by oil … [This] theor[y is] largely nonsense.” – The Independent, April 16, 2003. ‘AHMED CHALABI – OIL MAN IN BAGHDAD’ William Bowles (18/04/03) www.williambowles.info/ini/ini-012.html

One has to ask the question why the media feels it necessary to ridicule the idea of a conspiracy, especially a government-inspired one. Could it be because it’s just too close to home?

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al-somebody or other By William Bowles

11 June 2006

Well folks, the ‘new’ leader of ‘al-Qu’eda in Iraq’ has been named (already). Can’t remember it offhand, not that it matters, it’s al-somebody or other. I’ve posted a page of newslinks on his ‘death’ if you can be bothered to read through the endless drivel that’s been generated. (See also the ‘Zarqawi‘ section for more on the fabled foe of Western ‘civilisation’.)

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Pulling corpses out of the hat By William Bowles

9 June 2006

“The Zarqawi PSYOP program is the most successful information campaign to date.” — Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt, the U.S. military’s chief spokesman

There can be no doubt that the ‘death’ of ‘Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’ is part of a carefully planned disinformation campaign designed to divert attention away from the slaughter of Haditha (and elsewhere), a campaign that the corporate and state media have gleefully participated in. Indeed, ‘al-Zarqawi’ is itself a psy-ops programme in its own right, replete with faked letters of authenticity, fed to the press by the US military, which calls into question the source of the Internet videos of beheadings, and who is behind the wave of kidnappings and murders currently sweeping Iraq.

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