Book Review: Of Marxism and Magic By William Bowles

6 January 2007

Review: Conversations with Durito – Stories of the Zapatistas and Neoliberalism by Subcomandante Marcos

“Neoliberalism is … the chaotic theory of economic chaos, the stupid exultation of social stupidity and the catastrophic political management of catastrophe.” — Subcomandante Marcos


No doubt there will be people who consider that the title of this essay is to say the least, a contradiction in terms and on the face of it I would be forced to agree. However, before all the lefties amongst you start firing off letters of protest to yours truly, Marcos, ‘leader’ of the Zapatistas and indeed the Zapatista movement represents a sharp break with the past, an ‘evolutionary leap’ if you like. A leap which although drawing heavily on the global traditions of the revolutionary impulse, is also one that has its roots firmly in the magical traditions of Latin America and especially, its pre-Colombian cultures.

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