How the BBC hollows out the news By William Bowles

26 January 2006

A major problem anybody confronts when trying to sort fact from fiction in the news—aside from any confusion that occurs in trying to figure out if anything the mainstream media ‘reports’ is ‘news’ or merely opinion posing as fact—is the sheer volume and consistency of the coverage, which ultimately depends on specific words and phrases that come pre-loaded with meaning through their repetitive use over years of news coverage.

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(Don’t) Mention the J** word By William Bowles

26 August 2005

Speaking at a memorial for the victims of a Palestinian attack that took place 26 years ago, [Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Ze’ev] Boim said: “What is it about Islam as a whole and the Palestinians in particular? Is it some form of cultural deprivation? Is it some genetic defect? There is something that defies explanation in this continued murderousness.” [Likud Knesset Member Yehiel] Hazan subsequently stated: “He’s right. It’s been a known fact for many years that Arabs slaughter and murder Jews, without any connection to land. It’s imprinted in their blood. It’s something genetic. I haven’t done research, but there’s no possibility of explaining it differently. You can’t believe an Arab, even one who’s 40 years in his grave.”

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The crime against humanity that is the state of Israel. Is there no end? by William Bowles

30 May 2005

An elderly Palestinian woman tries to protect her Olive grove from destruction

History will be kind to me for I intend to write it – Winston Churchill

Every day I get flooded with news, appeals, analysis and background on the crime against humanity that is the state of Israel, but as far as the West is concerned, the daily atrocities being committed against the people of Palestine are non-events. Were such crimes being committed by virtually any country other than Israel, the media clamour would be deafening.

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Rumbling in the Ruling Ranks By William Bowles

27 April 2004

The managers of the state fire a warning shot across Blair’s bow

“Should a nation…which attacks and occupies foreign territory in the face of UN disapproval be allowed to impose conditions on its own withdrawal? If we agree that armed attack can properly achieve the purpose of the assailant, then I fear we will have turned back the clock of international order…” – President Eisenhower in a television broadcast to the nation after the Anglo-French-Israeli invasion of Egypt in 1956

My, how things have changed but then back in 1956, Britain was boss of an empire well past its sell-by date and the US was on the way up and anxious to woo the rising tide of anti-colonial struggles as part of its Cold War strategy.

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How much the value of a (Palestinian) life By William Bowles

6 January 2004

In a ten-day period, there were over 70 individual violent actions against Palestinians by Israeli Occupation Forces resulting in deaths and woundings of innocent civilians, destruction of property, confiscations and deportations. Where was the coverage in the Western Media?

How much do you think a Palestinian’s life is worth? Well if you were to judge it by Western press coverage of the occupation of Palestine, as near to zero as is possible. A survey of ten days of the Independent’s news coverage (supposedly sympathetic to the Palestinians) of the Palestine/Israel conflict (27/12/03 – 06/01/04) is extremely revealing:

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Surprise-Surprise By William Bowles

17 November 2003

Not surprisingly, this week the Blair government has announced the second highest ‘terrorism alert’ since 9/11 as a prelude to the visit by Bush the smaller. And like all the ‘terrorist alerts’ its vagueness verging on the mystical, allows the security state to cast its net very wide indeed. So much so that visitors to the Global Social Forum that just took place in Paris, finds the spooks waiting for their return at the various ports of entry into this ‘haven of democracy’, video cameras whirring, interviewing aka intimidating the visitors as to their reasons for coming here.

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Snared on the Web By William Bowles

28 October 2003

“The United States has added Web sites to its list of “foreign terrorist organizations” for the first time, under the category of aliases for conventional groups, a State Department official said Friday.” Reuters October 10, 2003

The latest attack on freedom of speech might not bother non-Americans but the State Department’s move to add Websites to its list of “Blocked Persons, Specially Designated Nationals, Specially Designated Terrorists, Specially Designated Global Terrorists, Foreign Terrorist Organizations, and Specially Designated Narcotics Traffickers” should.

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Out of Control By William Bowles

13 October 2003

Today’s (13/10/03) editorial in the Independent illustrates just how blind the ‘liberal’ media is to the realities of the situation unfolding before my horrified eyes.

Under the heading “An audit of the war on terror makes depressing reading” it belabours us with the following inane platitudes:

“The deposing of Saddam Hussein has, sadly, had no effect on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, or the absence of one. The North Koreans, and possibly, elements of the Iranian leadership have drawn the lesson from the conflict in Iraq that they must acquire a workable nuclear device as quickly as possible.”

“Meanwhile, the threats of international terrorism that predated the diversion of US foreign policy into the back streets of Baghdad remains little changed.”

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The lights are on but is anyone home? By William Bowles

8 September 2003

Bush the smaller made his pitch to the nation over the weekend to “save civilisation” from terrorism and told us that the “frontline” was now Iraq. So Saddam disappears not only literally but also figuratively to be replaced by the generic ‘threat’ that has been the real core of the propaganda since 9/11. And in a complete volte face, Bush the smaller now wants the UN to take on its “responsibility” to pay for the war unleashed on the world by the USUK imperium.

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Mind your language! Part Three By William Bowles

23 July 2003

Isn’t it amazing. All this time, since the ‘sexed up’ story first appeared, Gilligan, we were told, was the sole source of the story, hence his ‘unreliability’. Then, yesterday, the press carried reports about at least thee other UK journalists who had also been contacted by Dr Kelly and now, it seems there’s even a tape of Gilligan’s meeting with Kelly. The meek and mild-mannered Dr Kelly seems to have gotten around quite a lot for a man reportedly trying to keep a low profile.

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