Red Herring Day By William Bowles

26 June 2003

A reader sent me the following note after reading my essay, ‘Exaggerate’ on Jack Straw’s dissembling over the use and definition of words: A letter he’d read on Ceefax:

‘posed the question that Straw’s use of the word ‘current’ by any definition means that the threat posed by Saddam Hussein’s WMD was not ‘immediate’, ‘imminent’ or even a mere 45 minutes away but precisely as the dossier was being compiled. However as Straw clearly states if the evidence didn’t justify a very soon to be realised threat, then it equally cannot justify a threat existing at the very time the dossier was being written.’

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Incredible! By William Bowles

26 June 2003

‘The charge against the Government is not one of lying, but that it failed to tell the whole truth’

This is the London Independent’s incredible editorial headline today (26/06/03) over the lies told by the UK government to justify the invasion of Iraq. Okay, for the sake of argument, we’ll accept the Independent’s outrageous head and ask the question, what is the whole truth? What did the government fail to tell us?

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Instant Replay By William Bowles

19 June 2003

WMDs Iranian style? Let me quote from the UN press release on the issue of Iran’s supposed nuclear weapons programme:

‘‘Mr. ElBaradei noted that the report points out that corrective actions are being taken in cooperation with the Iranian authorities. But he added: ‘I continue to call on Iran, as with all States with significant nuclear programmes, to conclude and bring into force an additional protocol at an early date, in order to enhance the Agency’s ability to provide credible assurances regarding the peaceful nature of its nuclear activities.’

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The un-United Nations and the world as ‘victim’ By William Bowles

6 June 2003

Every day, a dozen or so un-UN press releases pile up in my inbox which I scan for some nugget of news, some insight that might be of use to me, but it’s largely self-serving stuff. Hans Blix’s last report on Iraq’s ‘weapons of mass destruction’ is as vague and non-committal as all the others have been and therein lies the rub as they say. Continue reading

Iraq – The War, the Real Reasons By William Bowles

14 March 2003

One thing is clear, this awful war has absolutely nothing to do with Saddam Hussein’s tyranny nor with ‘weapons of mass destruction’ as I will show in this essay. Indeed, Hussein’s regime owes its very existence as far back as the 1970s when Hussein’s military coup was supported by USUK against the left-wing, anti-western government of the time. Continue reading