It’s the spies wot gets the blame By William Bowles

2 February 2004

“I saw evidence that was categoric on Saddam possessing chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. Now I saw the evidence, so did the Prime Minister, so did other cabinet ministers. That informed our decision to go topple him. I think we were right in doing so, but let’s wait and see what the jury finds out in the end.”

So says Peter Hain, Leader of the Commons and former anti-apartheid activist and if you believe this statement, you’ll believe anything.

But what is this statement based upon? The September 2002 dossier? The ‘dodgy’ February 2003 dossier or the stuff that nobody else has ever seen? Perhaps it’s Hans Blix’s final report to the UN? Perhaps it was the fairies at the bottom of the garden?

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Coitus Interruptus By William Bowles

1 February 2004

“US officials knew in May Iraq possessed no WMD”.

So goes the headline in the Observer (01/02/04) but the reality is that the US government knew in 1991 that Iraq possessed no WMD as did the UK government. So what’s the argument all about? Why is it so important that a ‘battle royale’ is being conducted around the existence or otherwise of WMD? For what the headline reveals is the ‘wheels within wheels’ approach to selling a war nobody but the warmongers wanted.

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Shit Happens! By William Bowles

31 January 2004

Lord who? So it seems that in spite of all the inquiries, denials, resignations and bellicose statements from the pirates, the entire programme to deceive the populace has come unstuck, unglued, unhinged and undone. People in increasing numbers want to know what uncounted thousands of Iraqi citizens and hundreds of ‘coalition’ soldiers died for?

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Mantras of mass deception By William Bowles

26 December 2003

Someone wrote me and asked if I knew when the phrase ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ was first used. A little research produced UN Resolution 687 that demanded that Iraq destroy its WMDs following the Gulf War:

3 Apr 1991 Security Council resolution 687 (1991),
Section C, decides that Iraq shall unconditionally accept, under international supervision, the destruction, removal or rendering harmless of its weapons of mass destruction, ballistic missiles with a range over 150 kilometres, and related production facilities and equipment. It also provides for establishment of a system of ongoing monitoring and verification of Iraq’s compliance with the ban on these weapons and missiles. Requires Iraq to make a declaration, within 15 days, of the location, amounts and types of all such items.

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Collective-selective amnesia By William Bowles

20 December 2003

Oil and Empire, the euro, the dollar, Saddam as ‘ally’, Saddam as enemy, 9/11, convicted felons in charge of a nation…. Hey I could go on. The critical issue is not how long the list is but how could a nation’s media ignore the obvious for so long? How do they get away with it? Is it something I said?

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David Kay and the CIA By William Bowles

5 October 2003

David Kay“[David] Kay admitted that he made what he called a “Faustian bargain” with the intelligence community” – ‘Hans Blix and David Kay’,[1]

As I suggested in a previous piece (“Bush spells it out“[2]), the Iraq Survey Group’s interim report infers that Saddam pulled a ‘fast one’ on the USUK by ‘conning’ them into thinking Iraq had WMDs whereas in fact they didn’t and that this led to Iraq being invaded.

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Bush spells it out: The politics of desperation By William Bowles

24 September 2003

Bush the smaller’s speech at the UN on 23/09/03 finally spells out the conditions the imperialists want in exchange for recognising the UN’s role in the world, namely for the UN to alter its charter to recognise the right of the US to invade whoever the hell it feels like and under whatever pretext.

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Iraq: Flawed, selective, distorted and mistaken? Selling the big lie By William Bowles

13 September 2003

How the government’s never-ending stream of propaganda and the complicity of the media has sold a giant lie to the public over the reasons for the invasion of Iraq and continues to do so even as the lies become ever more outrageous and brazen

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Off the Hook? By William Bowles

29 August 2003

Well predictably the media here in the UK has, by and large, given Blah a clean bill of health, not because he didn’t lie but because he did such a good job of lying. Apparently, the more articulate you are at the business of dissembling, the more kudos you acquire. This is the ‘post-modern’ world where form takes precedent over content.

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A marriage made in hell By William Bowles

23 August 2003

The media’s complicity in putting spin on the spin
The media’s response to the ‘revelations’ of the Hutton inquiry reveals more about the nature of corporate journalism than it does about the role of the government’s propagandists. And especially, the back-peddling being performed in an attempt to justify the complicity of the media in not seeing what was patently obvious to anyone who cared to look, namely that the government lies and lies on a consistent basis about its reasons for invading Iraq.

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