Covering the Somali famine- of news By William Bowles

3 August 2011 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Over the past days BBC news coverage of the famine in Somalia has been saturating the airwaves and it’s always like this whenever ‘natural disasters’ strike. Fundamentally it’s little more than a fund-raising promo paid for with our taxes as endlessly repeated shots of emaciated babies and dying people serves no informative purpose except to tug covetously at our purse strings. And of course it has the added benefit of distracting us from our own condition – until the next crisis comes our way. Continue reading

Jive8: Bob Geldof does damage control for international war criminal By William Bowles

6 July 2005

Bob Geldof & Tony BlairThe last few weeks have seen a gigantic propaganda onslaught by the state and corporate interests to confuse, misdirect and finally channel peoples’ concerns anywhere except where they truly belong, that is, directed at big business and the political class that represents them, that has for hundreds of years raped Africa and the rest of the poor of this planet that in turn, made possible the obscene wealth we in the developed world not only possess but squander. A squandering that is directly responsible for the other major crime of our age, climate change.

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Africa Bound By William Bowles

6 June 2005

Kwame Nkrumah and Martin Luther King
Kwame Nkrumah and Martin Luther King

Africa’s winner-takes-all politics lies at the heart of everything that has gone wrong with Africa… It is the reason why it has fallen behind the rest of the world economically, the reason for its wars and poverty.
Richard Dowden, director of the Royal Africa Society and former Africa editor of the Independent. The Independent, 1/6/05, p.2

The statement above pretty well sums up the Western propaganda line on Africa, the alleged ‘basket-case’. That it’s written by the director of the Royal Africa Society and former Africa editor for the Independent speaks reams about the interlocking nature and hence common ideological thrust that the Western ‘intelligentsia’ peddles to the ‘masses’ about how Africa got to be where it is today.

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The Wolf at the door by William Bowles

23 March 2005

‘I’ll huff and I’ll puff and then I’ll blow your house up’

The Western media have, to put it mildly, been somewhat dismayed with the nomination of Paul Wolfowitz to be head of the World Bank. How to explain to the public that the architect of the invasion of Iraq, arch-Zionist and mass murderer, has been put in charge of the Bank that has been charged (in theory at least) with the challenge of developing the ‘developing world’?

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HAITI: ‘Textbook’ Imperialism By William Bowles

1 March 2004

The tragedy that is Haiti unfolds once more in this, the 35th? coup since the world’s first black republic was founded in 1804 and once more the US role in the removal of Jean Bertrand Aristide is patently obvious to anyone who cares to dig deeper than the headlines that have flooded out of ‘propaganda central’ (see “BRINGING HELL TO HAITI – PART 1“).

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Media Dumps on Aristide By William Bowles

17 February 2004

Haiti, yet another US foreign policy disaster area, Western press coverage has been predictably less than forthcoming over the deteriorating situation. Indeed, trying to find out anything meaningful at all about the current situation has proved to be extremely difficult. Aside that is from what has become a de facto methodology of reportage of events on the island (or indeed in any country that can be called ‘un-developed’ and yet another ‘failed’ state).

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Plato Rules Okay! By William Bowles

21 October 2003

An article on Information Clearing House Noble Lies and Perpetual War[1] by Danny Postel on Leo Strauss, who is according to Postel, the ‘leo-con’ father of the ‘neo-cons’ connects well to a piece available here by Israel Shamir[2] on Edward Said, who was also a university professor but of an altogether different kind.

“Whoever controls universities, controls the media; who controls media, controls government. Or, in Biblical terms, Leo Strauss begat Wolfowitz, Wolfowitz begat Iraqi War. Milton Friedman begat IMF, IMF begat world poverty. Bernard Lewis begat Samuel Huntington, Samuel Huntington begat the War on Islam. Bernard-Henri Levy begat Andre Sacharov, and the Soviet Union was privatised by Marc Rich and Vladimir Gusinsky.”

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Liberia: rewriting history By William Bowles

27 July 2003

“Another day, another atrocity in Liberia’s blood-soaked capital Monrovia” is how the Independent tells it to us (26/07/03). And of course, the predictable pleas for ‘intervention’ by the “world’s superpower” from liberal commentators. The entire history of how Liberia got to be where it is today, and especially the role of the US, the IMF and the World Bank in creating the current situation, has been erased from our consciousness by the corporate media.

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