Zionism loves colonialism, Zionism is colonialism By William Bowles

7 March 2012

Ynet Op-ed: Zionism will only cease being demonized when West stops to demonise colonialism

If I didn’t know any better I’d think the following Op-ed piece from the rightwing Israeli news source Ynet was another Yes Men spoof but it’s for real. I decided finally to publish the opinion in its entirety (if in a somewhat fragmented form) for it reveals the insane irrationality that underpins Zionism as the only ‘defender of the Jewish people’ (aside that is from its benefactor the US).

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Israel: The not-so-new Fascism – Palestinians, the not-so-new Unter-Menschen By William Bowles

13 May, 2010

The parallels are obvious to see, unless of course you don’t want to see the ‘victims’ turn into the victimizers. Such is the case with Israel, which quite properly should be described as a white racist, settler colonial state. But this is a description that is ‘beyond the Pale’ for the ‘civilized’ nations to accept.

For decades the Zionist entity has played the victim card, even appropriating the term ‘Holocaust’ as its own, this in spite of the fact that millions of Roma, Slavs, Russians, Homosexuals, the ‘mentally feeble’ and other ‘undesirables’ (‘Unter-Menschen’ or under-people) were exterminated in Nazi concentration camps. In fact collectively, a far greater number than that of the European Jews, amongst which I might add are my own relatives.

Apologists for Israel talk of ‘never again’ which roughly translated means never again for white people as once more the ‘race card’ becomes the rationalization for Genocide. The ‘civilized’ nations once again avert their eyes from the unfolding tragedy that is Palestine, now sixty-two years in the making.

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The Final Solution is a No-State Solution By William Bowles

27 January 2009

It was either in 1941 or maybe 1942 that the Nazis implemented the ‘Final Solution’, the extermination of all ‘non-Aryan’ peoples that included not only the Jews but also the Roma and the Serbs. So the term Holocaust is not copyright © the Jewish ‘race’ in spite of their appropriation of the Upper case.

The numbers are not important, let the historians and researchers argue over whether it was five or six million Jews or whether it was half-a-million or two million Roma who ‘went up the chimney’[1] (I don’t have a number for the Serbs, but perhaps a million died at the hands of the Croatian Ustase, the local Nazis in the then Yugoslavia, as well as at the hands of German Nazi occupiers).

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Book Review: Israel and the US – Two nations under one flag? By William Bowles

24 October 2006

Book Review: The Power of Israel in the United States by James Petras

There is perhaps no better example of the corrosive and divisive nature of racism as a weapon of imperialism than the debate (such as it is) about the power of the (misnamed) ‘Jewish Lobby’ and its relationship to or influence over US imperial strategy. I say misnamed because in reality it should be called the Israeli lobby. After all, there are many Jews who not only do not support Israel’s colonial and genocidal policies but who also do not even subscribe to the idea of a ‘Jewish Homeland’, thus the connection between being Jewish (whatever that is) and Israel has first to be defined, not in racial/ethnic or religious terms but in interests, both real and perceived, before we can attempt to get a handle on the issue. Continue reading

Woof-Woof! The bite is far worse than the bark By William Bowles

8 August 2006

Consider if you will that the US has, for the past 100 years pursued a policy that would enable it to ensure global dominance through the ownership and control of vital energy supplies and as a result enable it to dominate the world’s economy to the benefit of its own capitalist class. This policy has resulted in innumerable wars and coup d’etats and even the deliberate destruction of entire countries through its control of world trade and innumerable foreign governments.

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Strange Attractors: Is the destruction of Lebanon a prelude to a wider conflagration? By William Bowles

6 August 2006

Outrage, anger and disbelief seem to be the most common responses to the US/Israeli destruction of Lebanon, understandably given the sheer ferocity of the attack but let us not let it get in the way of trying to figure out why the pirates resorted to such measures that were sure to ignite a wave of resistance and horror.

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Israel: Blackmailing the world By William Bowles

3 August 2006

Israel’s deliberate and continued destruction of Lebanon is intended to force the Western powers to occupy the country on US/Israel’s behalf

I’ve spent the last couple of days doing (almost) nothing but reading, trying to get a handle on events. Firstly, it’s obvious to anyone who knows anything about Lebanon and the place of Hizballah in Lebanese society realises that the idea of destroying Hizballah is ridiculous regardless that it’s Israel’s stated objective. Therefore what are the real objectives of the US/Israeli onslaught?

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Is Lebanon the Great Unravelling? By William Bowles

28 July 2006

‘We are farmers, we can fall back on the land, hide in caves, make our own cheese and eat our lambs. The Israelis in their bunkers, this life upsets them. They will quit.’ — Mohammed Mulimh, 29, a Lebanese farmer

I think it’s now clear that the gamble the US took with its proxy force, Israel, is a military-political disaster. Soon, there won’t be much left to destroy in Lebanon, then what? There are several options open to Israel (US), none of them too inviting, yet sooner or later the real world will force the US to reconsider what it has done (if it’s not done so already):

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Israel: A wolf dressed in victim’s clothes and why the destruction of Lebanon is a strategic disaster for the Empire By William Bowles

26 July 2006

Illegal Weapons?Are these illegal weapons being used by Israel?
Also check out Depleted Uranium Alert

“It was meant to be over by now. This time last week Israeli military planners were demanding another 72 hours to finish the job: that’s all they needed, they promised, to clear southern Lebanon of Hizbullah.” — Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian, Wednesday July 26, 2006

I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down said the Wolf. Well the Wolf is huffing and puffing but the house is not built of straw and Hezbollah (how is it spelt? Hez or Hiz?) are proving to be a very tenacious opponent. Okay, Israel has overwhelming orthodox military power but has it got the means or the political support at home for a protracted war?

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A US call to (more) arms By William Bowles

19 July 2006

A cease-fire that would leave the status quo ante intact is absolutely unacceptable. A cease-fire that would leave intact a terrorist infrastructure is unacceptable.” — White House spokesman Tony Snow, 18/7/06 (See ‘American imperialism wants war’)

One thing should absolutely clear by now, when it comes to Israel’s actions—the US calls the shots. I trust this lays to rest all those deluded individuals on the ‘left’ who subscribe to the fallacious notion commonly referred to as the ‘tail wagging the dog’.

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